Exploratory Versus Confirmatory Analysis

Exploratory Versus Confirmatory AnalysisFactor analysis in nursing studies provides tools using which a researcher examines the relationship among the number of variables present in the data. The scholar seeks to establish the correlation through confirmatory or exploratory method depending on the theoretical knowledge that one has regarding the factors. Therefore, the paper will differentiate between the two types of analysis namely, exploratory and confirmatory, which can be used in research.F…


Фильм Нуар Элементный анализ.

Film Noir Elements Analysis.In The Third Man , dark and shadowy lighting is used throughout for dramatic effect, making it one of the most visually quintessential noir films. A scene in which this device is used masterfully is the one where Harry Lime , who was considered dead, is revealed alive in the dark alley to his friend Holly Martins. The scene itself is set up by a shot which shows a dark figure running across the street filmed through a window. In further shows Lime hidden in shadows, w…