A Guide to spirit Airline Baggage Information

Taking baggage while traveling with airlines can be tricky, especially if you do not have the proper knowledge of the baggage policy of the airlines you are traveling with. Airlines are never lenient when it comes to their rules and regulations, and sadly your luggage is no exception to such policies.

Each airline implicates different instructions on prices, weight limit and permitted size. To make your life easy, we have decided to put out some important airline baggage information that will come in handy when you book a flight.

Things to know before you board a flight with luggage

The first and foremost thing to know is the types of baggage on the aircraft. There are two types of baggage: carry-on baggage and checked baggage, and both are treated very differently with different rules imposed for both.

● Carry-on baggage: carry-on baggage is the baggage that you can carry with you to the aircraft. Generally, airlines will let you bring 2 carry-on bags as long as they meet the size restrictions stated by the airline. There is no price restriction on carry-on baggage. Most airlines have specified size restrictions on carry-on baggage.

For instance, spirit airline carry-on baggage should not exceed the measurements of 18 x 14 x 8 inches.

● Checked baggage: checked baggage is the luggage held by the airline during your check-in in an inaccessible area to passengers in the aircraft during your flight. Charges of checked baggage vary from airline to airline. Only a few airlines offer free first checked bags and impose charges on the second.
Airlines like Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Spirit Airline checked baggage policies testify that checked baggage should be a maximum of 62 linear inches or 158 cm in size (length + width + height) and must not weigh more than 40 pounds (18.1 kgs).

One of the biggest advantages of flying with low-cost airlines such as Spirit is that they offer the best prices overall. Spirit Airline baggage fees are much cheaper and more feasible as compared to that of their competitors. Not only this, but the Spirit Airline baggage lounge is super secure and your luggage is unlikely to get lost or left behind as experienced by passengers flying with other airlines. Check out this link to read more about Spirit Airlines baggage policy.

The average charges for the first checked bag are approximately $30, and the second checked bag is $40.

You may find these charges reluctant and blood-sucking, but there is one way of avoiding these unreasonably high prices: check your baggage online.

When you are doing your web check-in and applying for your boarding pass, you are given the service to check your baggage online. Checking your bags online at the airline’s website is typically cheaper rather than paying the fee at the check-in counter.

Airports have the tightest surveillance and are one of the most secure locations. Although you may carry your most important possessions in your checked luggage, it is crucial to acknowledge what you can and can not possess in your checked baggage,

Things you should consider to not pack in your checked luggage:

● Lithium batteries: lithium-metal and lithium-ion batteries are allowed only in your carry-on bags. Lithium-metal or non-rechargeable batteries are permitted to 2 grams of lithium each battery, while lithium-ion or rechargeable batteries are permitted 100-watt hours.

● Electronic devices: as mentioned in the point above, electronics containing lithium batteries are not permitted to be in checked baggage and should be carried in the carry-on baggage. They are also likely to be stolen or damaged in the cargo.

● Medication: if your medication exceeds the permitted 3.4-ounce liquid limit, you will have to bear it in your checked baggage. Sometimes luggage gets lost or arrives late from time to time, so, you will want to keep your medication with your items as no one wishes to start their travel journey by pinging their doctors for an emergency prescription.

● Matches and lighters: for safety measures, matches and lighters are strictly prohibited from all luggage including checked and carry-on baggage.

● Alcoholic beverages: some alcoholic beverages like wine are allowed in the checked baggage but should be kept very safely. However, alcohol over 140 proof is banned even to carry at the airport

● E-cigarettes and vapes: e-cigarettes and vaping devices are banned from checked bags and should be carried in your carry-on bags.