How to unblock someone on Cash App?

There could be times you'd want to unblock a Cash App user you've got blocked within the past. Want to receive or send money to a blocked Cash App Query user? Or have you ever blocked someone mistakenly? regardless of the case is, we got your back.

You can unblock someone from an equivalent menu you had wont to block the person

To unblock someone, you've got to open their Cash App profile. To open their profile, open the menu option shown as three dots and choose Unblock this Person. However, there are two ways to open the profile of a Cash App user or someone you've got blocked on Cash App.

• From transaction History

You can open the blocked user’s profile from the activity tab if you've got previously had transactions with the user. Open the activity tab, scroll through transactions and tap the transaction made by the specified person to ascertain his profile and transaction details.

• From Cashtag

You can open the unique link for the Cash App User profile of the specified person. The unique link consists of the Cashtag and is of the format$cashtag