The Ukrainian Army Strikes Back

But what was what's interesting is those 19 BTGs battalion tactical groups that are in Belgrade have not come down to the rescue, have not to counterattacked, and have not really done anything. So the question is what's the state of those 19 battalion tactical groups that are probably being reconstituted?

And what Kharkiv being relieved does is a major significance. It basically takes just like when they retreated from Kyiv, it takes the Russian artillery and even rocket artillery out of the range of being able to shell the city, which relieves a tremendous amount of pressure on Kharkiv both the residential areas, but any defense industry that's going on there. There's a lot of industry in Kharkiv too.

And then it also allows Ukraine to start putting pressure because they've basically gone all the way up to the Donetsk river which allows them to now start pressuring the supply lines with artillery, and ground lines of communication that are supplying Russian forces in Izium. And last week allegedly General Gerasimov was in Izium.

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