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Global Helmet Market Overview

Global Helmet Market is expected to register sound growth in the coming time zone. A few factors have helped in throttling the growth of the market, are rising awareness of enhanced comfort and safety in consumers, the heightened popularity of owning a sports bike, and bespoke modifications in the aftermarket among the millennials, which has also boosted the sales of helmets. Other trends collectively contributing to consistent market growth include the introduction of multi-functional smart helmets, on-going racing events, and the rising number of clubs and communities of bikers acting as a platform. Besides critical data and related information, the report includes key trends factors that are driving market growth.

According to 6Wresearch, the Global Helmet Market is projected to register sound growth during 2021-2027. The motorcycle helmet market was negatively impacted by COVID-19 in 2020. The premium motorcycle helmets are for the limited customer base due to their high cost and association with the premium motorcycle users, the purchasing power of people affected due to world economic slowdown. The global pandemic has resulted in low sales of motorcycles across the world, which led to a decline in motorcycle helmet sales. Even the budget-friendly helmet market has struggled because of the lack of need to go out and travel which is obviously being restricted due to the ongoing pandemic.

The Global helmet market report thoroughly covers the market by product type, application type, end user type and regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Amongst the helmet types, full face smart helmet has captured majority of the Europe smart helmet market share. Additionally, the market is also exhibited to record significant growth in the industrial application with expected acceptance in manufacturing and mining segments; however, major revenue generation would be witnessed from two-wheeler end user segment. Automobile and Construction applications are anticipated to drive overall Global Helmet Market Revenues and Volume.

Key Highlights of the Report:-

Global Helmet Market Outlook

Market Size of Global Helmet Market, 2020
Forecast of Global Helmet Market, 2027
Historical Data and Forecast of Global Helmet Revenues & Volume for the Period 2017 - 2027
Global Helmet Market Trend Evolution
Global Helmet Market Drivers and Challenges
Global Helmet Price Trends
Global Helmet Porter's Five Forces
Global Helmet Industry Life Cycle

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