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If your HP laptop will not boot, you need to apply special techniques to get it to work properly. While laptops are quite similar to a normal PC, just in a different form factor, their distinct hardware difference makes troubleshooting boot problems more difficult. If your laptop is not booting up, there are several things you can do to try and resolve your issue. An HP laptop will not boot for several reasons, such as no power, not being able to find the hard drive, faulty RAM or even a bad display. Determining the exact symptom of laptop failure is key in finding a way to resolve it. If you are not able to fix these problems and need instant HP Laptop Support then you may call at HP Laptop Customer Service Number (+1) 877-771-7377.

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HP Laptop Will Not Boot – Laptop Hard Reset:</span>
This is one of the first things you should try with any PC, whether it is a desktop or a laptop. A hard reset will drain any lingering power from the motherboard capacitors that could be preventing your computer from powering up. To perform a hard reset, disconnect everything from the laptop, remove the power adaptor and the battery. Next, hold down the power button for at least twenty seconds. Reconnect only the power adaptor and then press the power button. If you see LED lighting and hear the power supply spinning, you should be fine. But if your HP laptop will not boot, you’ll need to continue troubleshooting.

No Lights on Laptop:

If you do not see any LEDs lit up, then you have a no power issue. You will need to swap in a new power adaptor or a new laptop battery. If the laptop is a couple of years old, then you should replace it. Otherwise, a power adaptor is cheaper to purchase and you should start there. If you swap out both of these and still have no power, your issue might be at the motherboard level.

Beeps but HP Laptop Will Not Boot:

If your laptop beeps more than once, then you have some type of hardware issue and the BIOS is trying to alert you by producing that code. Listen to the code carefully and refer to the HP website for more details. You will need to look up your model under the support section and refer to the postcodes for clues as to the nature of the problem.

Laptop Seems to Boot but Monitor is Blank:

If you have not made any recent changes with your HP laptop, and if your laptop sounds like it is booting normally but the screen is black, then you probably have a problem with your screen or the screen inverter. Refer to this guide to troubleshoot laptop screens or screen inverters. If your HP laptop will not boot and you need additional help, be sure to join our forums and ask.

How to Contact HP Laptop Customer Support?

HP Support Toll-Free Number (+1) 877-771-7377. We offer complete software support solutions on all HP desktop & laptop computers. HP Laptop Support does not only comply with home computers but also with all business computer models. Hewlett-Packard is the most trusted and affordable brand for customers around the globe.

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