Mom, are you eating the right nutrition?

pregnancy, pregnant moms can't help but 滴雞精功效spend some money without purchasing as
well as pregnancy supplements to supplement some deficient nutrients in order to
improve their health and that of their babies. However, is it true that
probiotics can reduce the chance 滴雞精月經of allergies in Chinese babies? Does calcium
citrate develop better absorption than regular calcium tablets? Can drinking
chicken essence products during pregnancy support the fetus? With the dizzying
array of nutritional supplements滴雞精好處 available, how do I go through the process of
choosing and properly and effectively supplementing my student's

Before, during and after pregnancy, the key to
intelligent mastery of supplements

Can probiotics reduce
infant allergies? What is the best way to supplement dual nutrition by taking
maternal vitamins and drinking maternal formula again? Supplementation with
folic acid helps the development of the fetal brain." ... A variety of
nutritional products sold on the market, the effect seems to really have the
same talk, however, how to choose and supplement pregnant women, in order to
really make nutrition one person to eat, two people to

3 Pregnancy, the key to nutritional

From the early, middle and late pregnancy,
with the increase in the number of weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women on the
various stages of fetal growth and development and maternal need how to
supplement nutrition? You may want to listen to the professional advice of
obstetrician and gynecologist and nutritionist.

pregnancy (1 ~ 3 months)

In the early stage of pregnancy,
about 6 weeks begins to develop a heartbeat, and the functions of the various
work important role organs of the fetus gradually become formed, the physicians
respectively said: "Therefore, the early stage of pregnancy is an important
research stage of the development of the fetus. At this time we can take more
folic acid to help improve the development of brain nerves, in addition,
pregnant mothers who are pregnant can also supplement vitamin B complex to
improve the situation of pregnancy vomiting.

Normally, the
embryo in the early stages of pregnancy weighs about 20 grams, and physicians
recommend that "mothers at this stage should not gain weight, at most 0 to 2
kilograms, to avoid excess nutrients on the mother instead of helping the fetus
to develop and grow.

In principle, folic acid and vitamin
B are the most important nutrients in early pregnancy, but physicians warn that
there are two standards for folic acid supplementation for pregnant women who
give birth to babies with neurological abnormalities or brain defects. A daily
supplement of 4,000 micrograms of folic acid is recommended, consult an
obstetrician and gynecologist and ask your physician to open it. As for the
average pregnant woman, a supplement of 400 micrograms per day is

The vitamins usually sold to pregnant women
have a folic acid content of about 400-800 micrograms, and pregnant women must
supplement with that standard. In addition, The Physician states: "Since folic
acid is a water-soluble vitamin, it will not cause too much of a problem as long
as you eat a normal diet and are properly hydrated."

the right nutrition

Regarding nutrition in the early
stages of pregnancy, the dietitian advises, "The main thing you will do is
increase your intake of folic acid. Foods rich in folic acid include dark
vegetables such as green cauliflower, spinach, groundnut leaves, amaranth, etc.
Citrus fruits can also be consumed, however, be careful not to consume too much
fruit to avoid excessive sugar intake, resulting in weight gain." In addition,
during this period, the fetal organs are gradually developing, so you can
consume more high-quality protein foods, such as eggs, fresh fish, etc. As for
processed foods such as sausages and ham, etc., try to eat less. In principle,
there is no need to deliberately increase or change the diet during this

If there is a harmful condition, it is recommended
that you can take through a small number of meals to eat the behavior of the
way, the dietitian said: "can be changed to three main meals and three snacks
per day for students, and also once we do not drink too much soup and water to
avoid problems caused by nausea, vomiting. If a morning wake up themselves feel
for low blood sugar, appear nausea, can eat some whole wheat toast or cookies;
at the same time in order to avoid ingesting tea, coffee or spicy things,
especially should avoid spicy things to avoid causing stimulation of the stomach
and intestines, affect the enterprise digestion.

If a
student loses weight significantly due to severe pregnancy sickness, he or she
can consume more juice to rehydrate and, depending on the situation, inform
"497" to assess whether vitamin B6 can be

Because everyone is different in early
pregnancy, when a pregnant mother has a poor appetite due to nausea and bad
pleasure, physicians recommend: "Choose foods that you like and can eat. If you
are concerned about nutritional deficiencies, such as folic acid, consult your
physician and start nutritional supplements.

(4-6 months)

In the second pregnancy, the fetus' organs
continue to develop and it gains weight rapidly, requiring more calcium and
protein supplements. Calcium can help improve the development of healthy fetal
bones, prevent and treat gestational hypertension, and relieve cramps during
pregnancy," the doctor said. As for other proteins, they play an important role
as nutrients in any stage of pregnancy education. Therefore, as long as the
mother-to-be does not eat a fussy diet and consumes fresh meat, vegetables and
fruits, or beans, she can get protein.

In addition,
nutritionists suggest that "pregnancy-induced anemia may develop during this
stage. Iron deficiency and protein deficiency are associated with anemia.
Therefore, in addition to getting enough protein, you should also get enough

Eat the right nutrition

protein intake, fresh protein is recommended and it is best to avoid
reconstituted meats such as burgers; in addition, protein intake should not be
excessive so as not to increase too much leading to calcium

As for the supplement that affects calcium, besides
drinking more milk, it can also be supplemented from dried beans and vegetables
rich in a lot of calcium, such as Chuan Qi, kale, amaranth, chard, red amaranth,
black beet, nineba, and crown cabbage.

In addition,
pregnant mothers with lactose discomfort due to transportation inconvenience to
drink milk, can learn to change to soy milk, then add Chinese black sesame or a
combination of various nuts to increase lead to calcium absorption, and moderate

In addition, iron should be supplemented at this
stage to reduce the risk of anemia in pregnancy, therefore, lean red meat can be
eaten appropriately. As for vegetarian pregnant women, since the body does not
easily absorb plant iron, meals can be accompanied by fruits rich in vitamin C,
such as: oranges, guava, kiwi, papaya, strawberries, tomatoes, etc., to enhance
the absorption of iron in the body.

In addition,
nutritionists remind that the taste of the fetus is gradually formed from the
15th week of pregnancy. If the mother is picky about food, she will also be
picky about food after the baby is born. Therefore, she suggests, "From this
stage, we should try to maintain a balanced diet and eat six kinds of food every

Third pregnancy (7 months before

The third trimester is an important research stage
where different organs in various parts of the fetus can develop and mature
rapidly and economically, including the lungs, etc., which tend to a maturity at
about 34 weeks. The doctor pointed out that "from the beginning of pregnancy,
the volume of blood in the pregnant woman's body gradually through the increase,
because the body's activities in addition to the production of blood supply to
manage themselves, but also the enterprise to provide the fetus, resulting in
the impact of pregnant women are prone to serious anemia, so you should increase
the intake of iron.

As for calcium, it is recommended to
consume 1000 mg per day before, during and after pregnancy. It not only helps
the development of fetal bones and reduces cramps in pregnant women, but also
reduces the risk of gestational hypertension.

Eat the
right nutrition

Nutritionists explain that the diet in
late pregnancy should start with controlling salt intake: "Usually, edema is
more severe in pregnant women at this stage, and salt intake should be properly
controlled so as not to cause water to accumulate in the body and lead to
edema." "Therefore, in your daily diet, try to drink less soup and avoid

In addition, due to the enlargement of the uterus
at this time, the abdomen protrudes significantly, which tends to affect the
absorption and digestion of the intestines and constipation, it is recommended
to consume high-fiber vegetables. In principle, each meal should eat three to
four servings of vegetables, one of which is green vegetables to increase folic
acid, another can choose fiber-rich mushrooms, and the other two with their own
red, yellow or purple vegetables to increase fiber.

nutritional doubts that experts answer correctly!

variety of commercially available nutritional products claim to have a number of
product benefits for babies and mothers, which inevitably makes pregnant moms
worry about whether the nutritional value that students are taking in themselves
has enough? Should they need additional supplements so that the business does
not cause adverse development of the baby's growth system in their bellies
......, but is it really necessary to eat so many nutritional supplements? How
can physicians and nutritionists think?

Does folic acid
have an effect on fetal neurodevelopment?


Folic acid helps the neurological development of the
baby's brain and should be properly supplemented in the early stages of
pregnancy. "Basically, 400 micrograms per day is recommended for pregnant women
and up to 4,000 micrograms per day for infants with neural tube

When a woman is planning to have a baby, she can
consult her obstetrician and gynecologist to evaluate whether to start
supplementation, and the nutritionist said, "In fact, green vegetables like
folic acid are rich in folic acid and can be consumed more

2 Pregnancy formula can moderately supplement
insufficient nutrition?

If ANS has severe pregnancy
vomiting, it can be added appropriately.

If a pregnant
mother has severe vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy, almost to the point
where it is difficult to eat, you can appropriately drink maternal milk powder
enterprises to supplement the nutrition of students. In fact, for pregnant women
formula is mainly through the auxiliary teaching role, although it can be added
with a variety of nutrients, however, as long as pregnant women maintain the
normal life of society diet, not to nutritional knowledge is insufficient;
furthermore, if there is a proper supplement to pregnant women vitamins,
nutrition should be quite lacking enough.

In addition,
according to clinical experience, the extra intake of milk powder by pregnant
women will make them gain weight faster, "physician" said: "may be the
relationship between individual physique, but if excessive supplementation, it
is easy to increase the weight of the mother, rather than increasing fetal
nutrition. Therefore, it is not recommended to add it except in special

3 Can lecithin supplementation help infants'
neurological development?

Medical studies are

According to current medical research, there
is no consensus on the effectiveness of lecithin supplementation. Physicians
note: "It may help some infants, but some people think it has no effect. "If you
really want additional supplementation, you can take it later in pregnancy. As
for the effects, it mainly helps with neurodevelopment.

response, nutritionists can say, "Lecithin can be taken from eggs or soy milk,
and it's actually unlikely we'll need to take additional

Does a multivitamin for pregnant women help
with nutritional balance?

Answer "Yes! But try to get it
from natural sources.

Modern pregnant women are more of a
food group and their nutritional intake may not be as balanced as it should

Commercially available vitamins for pregnant women
today contain a variety of nutrients, including folic acid, vitamins, iron and
calcium. If you are going to take a supplement, it is recommended that you
choose one brand. There is a risk of overdoing it if you choose two or three
brands to take. Furthermore, some pregnant women take pregnancy vitamins that
contain iron, but can produce side effects such as constipation and

Therefore, the physician provides advice: "If
the pregnant mother in taking the method of multivitamins produce some
discomfort, you can reduce the amount, for example: two days to take one ingot.
In fact, pregnant women in Taiwan, China, rarely occur in a variety of
nutritional status of the problem, the most important is that students master
the knowledge of nutrition education balanced principles, such as: protein,
calcium, fiber, etc. should be balanced intake.

tablets vs. calcium citrate, two kinds of absorption effect is

ANS 》The absorption rate of calcium citrate reaches

The absorption rate of calcium citrate is indeed
higher than ordinary calcium tablets, and the price is relatively more
expensive. General calcium tablets are cheaper. Therefore, the choice of general
calcium tablets or calcium citrate, nutritionists say, "depends on individual
circumstances, but be aware that calcium carbonate tends to cause constipation
and flatulence."

However, even though the absorption rate
of calcium citrate can be better and the chance of causing flatulence is
relatively low, the doctor reminds: "The absorption of calcium depends on
vitamin D to transform, so we should pay attention to whether students need to
add some vitamin D when choosing calcium tablets.

In terms
of nutrition, adequate calcium not only helps fetal bone development and
relieves cramps in pregnant women, but also improves insomnia, so you can
occasionally take calcium tablets or drink a glass of warm milk at night.
However, the amount of calcium absorbed in each meal is limited, about 300 to
350 mg, so it is not necessary to take a large amount of calcium in the same
meal. You may want to drink a glass of milk in the morning and take calcium
tablets at night to prevent insomnia and poor sleep.

addition, if pregnant women are already taking maternal vitamins, they do not
need to take additional calcium tablets to avoid duplication of nutrient intake.
Physician status: "Unless cramping is severe or other symptoms are present,
additional supplementation should only be done with the consent of a "physician"

Is fish oil good for my baby's

ANS" Yes! But be careful about the

The DHA contained in fish oil helps to enhance
the fetal brain for neurological development, and there is even some research
analysis that suggests we can reduce the chance of inflammation and allergies by
doing so. However, physicians need to warn: "When buying fish oil should pay
attention to the quality and source of fish oil. If the quality management is
poor or the refining and teaching process is problematic, not only will it not
help the baby's development, but it may also cause serious harm to the mother
and fetus.

Most of the fish oil consumed by the general
public comes from deep-sea fish. Since deep-sea fish are at the top of the food
chain, people may be concerned about the accumulation of heavy metals. If you
want to help your baby's brain development, it is recommended that pregnant
women consume fresh, small deep-sea fish, such as swordfish or small mackerel
the size of your hand, which are rich in dha and epa, and that they consume
deep-sea fish no more than three times a week."

There is
also a claim that pregnant women need to supplement with unsaturated fatty acids
(omega-3s) to protect their eyes during the second trimester. "Despite this
claim," the analysis of the "physician": "The effectiveness of supplements
varies from person to person because each person's physical condition is
different from the pregnancy."

Can probiotics regulate
allergies and prevent constipation?


Probiotics do help prevent constipation. The
physician explained that during pregnancy, due to the enlarged abdomen, uterine
pressure on the stomach and intestines, coupled with the secretion of a large
number of hormones that slow down intestinal peristalsis, it is easy to produce
flatulence, and supplementation with probiotics can help improve flatulence and

Nutritionist also added: "Probiotic products
have structural adjustment as well as allergy patients, promote the
effectiveness of children's bowel movements, but, when buying should choose to
have health China food safety certification is more appropriate. In addition,
yogurt also contains a large number of probiotics, pregnant mothers can
occasionally drink yogurt to replace the milk.

8 Can iron
ingots prevent anemia?

Yes! Avoid overdosing to avoid
nausea and flatulence.

Some pregnant moms take iron
lozenges to supplement as well as iron because of anemia research condition,
however, iron lozenges can cause constipation in patients and irritate causing a
nausea or vomiting in the gastrointestinal tract, so moderate cell intake is
recommended. Dietitians can say: "It is advisable to take red meat lean meat to
supplement iron, but also more helpful to our body through

In principle, the usual pregnant mothers who
have taken vitamins affecting pregnant women, do not need another one to
supplement iron ingots, so that students do not ingest too much information
about iron and cause constipation or intestinal flatulence in

Can brewer's yeast promote fetal development and
maternal health?

ANS" is mainly a supplement for group

Brewer's yeast is mainly supplemented with group B
beer, and nutritionists note: "In fact, as long as pregnant women take a full
vitamin supplement, there is no need to repeat brewer's yeast

Can I drink more chicken extract during
ten pregnancies to support my baby?

An assessment of your
diet is recommended.

Although dripping chicken essence
contains protein and other nutrients, it may cause nutrient loss or destruction
during the heating process. It is recommended to eat fresh chicken directly for
better results.

The current information technology for the
production of dripping chicken essence is very progressive and can be used by
achieving the degree of grease and cholesterol removal, plus most of us modern
people eat out and rarely find ourselves boiling chicken soup, which may lead to
the inability to carry out the intake of more quality protein, at this time
dripping chicken essence that is a good choice.

it is necessary to evaluate your own eating habits, such as: three meals rarely
intake of fresh fish or meat, you can consider adding chicken

As for learning

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