These 12 lazy home life supplies, although these seem an insignificant, but the use of too addictive

Who says lazy people do not

deserve to live a sophisticated and 空氣淨化機comfortable life? With the assistance of
these home goodies, as usual, can make life full of

Today we will share with 床上用品店you the 12 basic
loungers! Each seems insignificant, but addictive after

Automatic stirring cup

coffee, tea and other particles, stirring 口罩each time with a stirring stick is too
much trouble for lazy people! The key to the end is not always to mix

Fortunately, I found this automatic stirring cup.
After the drink is put into the cup, a key automatic stirring, a few seconds is
OK, especially convenient!


Watching TV always have to hold their own children to
eat snacks, too inconvenient. Specially bought to carry out a small tray, comes
with a kind of bracket, adjust the width, directly can be stuck in the sofa
handle, so that for snacks and water cups can be smoothly placed on top of us,
eat super smooth!

Warming vegetable

Food in the microwave is not healthy to heat, simply
replace it with a heating plate, heating meals anytime, anywhere, keep warm
state, eat good taste.

It's also great to use for
breakfast, use folded storage after use, do not take up space, which is quite

Hot pot platter

Eat hot pot
inevitably to prepare a table of dishes, many small plates, not only take up
space on the table, and each time the dishes washed too

For this reason I bought this hot pot platter,
double compartment design, a layer of dishes, a layer of drainage, you can
freely combine as needed; the base can rotate 360 degrees, a gentle turn, you
can clip the dish, super convenient.

Caterpillar fresh

The appearance is super like a caterpillar, in fact,
it is a fresh bag. Once pulled open, the capacity is not large enough, generally
I cover it on the plate to preserve the ingredients, clean environment hygiene.
No more struggling to tear the cling film, it's a great

Nano coating

The mirror
often has water vapor, leaving scale is very ugly, as lazy people really do not
want to wipe it every day. That's why we found this nano-coating, which
effectively prevents water mist and water stains from remaining on the

It is very simple to use, first wipe the mirror
with a sponge, then spray and leave it for 8 hours to form a protective layer on
the mirror.

The water will not stay dirty in the future.
Also suitable for shower rooms and doors and windows, with a coating protection,
do not have to wipe the water stains often!

Foot scrub

The back is made of silicone, which can be adsorbed on
the floor, and can be used as a foot towel when bathing. Super convenient, every
day to wash your feet happiness is high!


Home garbage cans for moving back and forth is too
much trouble, add a few small rollers to the bottom, gently push to move, want
to push where to put, do not have to move around themselves, simply a lazy
person to create the gospel.

Pulley small

Change shoes, sit on it for delivery, move at any
time, no longer waste waist, take it with a baby, walk the dog no problem, it is
a lazy man's favorite!

Underwear washing

As a lazy person, underwear do not want to wash
their hands! Fortunately, there is now this mini drum washing machine,
specifically for washing underwear, efficient and water-saving; automatic drying
function, very easy to use.


Special times, the home has to be disinfected
regularly, manual spraying is very inefficient, so we bought a special automatic
sprayer. Similar to the form of a pistol, light pressure on the continuous
atomization, not only can be disinfected clothes and shoes, and even quickly 1
second disinfection, safe and efficient.

Lazy man catch-up

Comes with a phone holder, whether sitting or lying
down is very good. From now on, you do not have to hold your arms, super

If you are also a lazy person, you may want
to have these 12 small items, cheap and practical, but can greatly enhance the
happiness of students living and working!

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