The long-term trend of stable development of industrial production in China will not change

Recently, by the epidemic and other aspects of the elements of harm, in some
manufacturing enterprises in China, especially small and medium-sized micro
enterprises operating difficulties have increased. For this matter, we should
look at it objectively, not only to cnc machined aluminum parts see the difficulties at this stage, but also
to see the new cell phones that have been produced. In general, our economy is
stable and good, long-term steady development of the stock fundamentals have not
changed, in our country industrial production stable development of long-term
trends will not change, industrial production stable growth with all aspects of
resource advantages. Along with the efficient coordination of epidemic
prevention and control and social and economic development of the system utility
gradually presented, the impact of the epidemic is hopeful gradually weakened,
economic vitality will continue to be released out, the stable development of
industrial production will gradually return to normal, sustained

In China's industrial production extension is strong, the direction of
development is smooth future can be expected

From the experience of the rapid development work of the new crown pneumonia
epidemic generated so far, it seems that in our country industrial production in
front of the epidemic impact mainly shows extremely strong ductility. Recently,
although by the domestic epidemic a wine course little more release with part of the
aggregated epidemic hazard, in our country industrial development occurred
growth rate decline, part of the company shutdown shutdown and other
difficulties, but this and always unchanged in our country industrial production
stable development of long-term trends.

The Party Central Committee, with General Secretary Xi's friends as the key,
attaches great importance to the development trend of China's real economy and
has implemented a series of specific measures to create a beneficial natural
environment for the high-quality development of the processing manufacturing
industry. In China has a perfect industrial system, huge production scale, flush
industry categories, many intermediate products production and manufacturing,
and the world's industrial chain is closely connected, the world must China,
China also needs the world. In China in the new wave of information revolution,
ecological and intelligent has become a new breakthrough point in China's
industrial production, and in part of the industry in the global leading
position. The labor supply renewal and "technical engineer gain" gradually
become the new advantage to promote the transformation and development of
China's industrial production. In our country, even the manufacturing industry
is the core of industrial supplies trading all over the world, and the heavy
assets and technology-intensive industrial chain that must be supported by both
industry and market demand has a relatively large stickiness.

Thanks to this element, 2020 so far, in China's industrial production to
improve the change of the growth rate after 2013 has been less than the GDP
growth rate and the service industry growth rate of operation, distorting the
tendency of industrial production to GDP payment processing company growth rate gradually reduced after
2011; manufacturing enterprises economic gains steadily increased, 2021
industrial companies above the scale to complete the main business income
year-on-year growth rate accelerated by 18.6 points compared with last year, and
the 2-year average value improved significantly faster than 2019; the
year-on-year growth rate of total assets completed accelerated by 30.2 points
compared with last year, and the 2-year average value improved by 18.2%,
distorting the year-on-year decrease in 2019, and close to 80% of the fields
completed positive growth of total assets. This kind of data shows that the
short-term factor shocking endangerment is not on the long-term trend of stable
development of industrial production in our country.

In our country and the world's industrial chain is closely linked,
manufacturing center influence solid

In recent years, especially after the addition of the World Trade
Organization, in our country to speed up to join the global division of labor
management system, processing manufacturing industry continues to update, has
become the only country in the world with a perfect industrialized production
management system, trade in services and production scale of long-term ranked
first in the world, with North America, Europe and included in the three core
areas of the global industrial chain. 2022 quarter, processing manufacturing
exports and imports increased 13.4% and imports of 7.5%, the influence of our
economy in world trade further increased. Especially at the premise of
international inflation at this stage, foreign markets must be more China's
inexpensive and high-quality goods, and China's influence as the core of the
world's processing manufacturing industry is solid.

In recent years, part of the labor-intensive companies to the lower cost of
Southeast Asia, South Asia and other regions to migrate, some people are
therefore worried about the future of industrial production development in
China. From the outside, this kind of migration will cause in our country part
of the export products lower. But in many ways, our economy and global
communication will be more in-depth, China as the core of the world's processing
manufacturing influence will be further stabilized. Although the rising cost of
human capital and other reasons to promote the concentration of labor-intensive
industries to our country with lower cost fees, but also reflects the rising
standard of manufacturing in China. At the same time, due to the modernization
process vigorously carried out, in China's economic system is increasingly
perfect, the rapid upgrade of industrial layout, production and processing
standards have increased significantly, has undertaken a large number of
high-end equipment manufacturing migration. In recent years, although some of
our country has taken over a part of the labor-intensive industrial chain in our
country, the intermediate products imported from our country are still
improving, which objectively accelerates the pace of industrial structure
upgrading in our country and enhances the part of our country in the global
industrial chain customer value. The competitive advantage of China's economic
development is undergoing a deep transformation, labor-intensive industrial
chain outward migration, beneficial to everyone to the more limited natural
resources concentrated in the higher value-added production chain, resulting in
a new higher level of competitive advantage.

Since the global financial crisis in 2008, some countries have used a variety
of means to stimulate the flow of processing manufacturing back. However,
because of the lack of natural environment for the development trend of
processing manufacturing industry chain, the progress of such flow back is slow.
And from the viewpoint of the law of industrial development, the completion of
such flow back also requires relatively high cost investment. Therefore, some of
our country to stimulate the processing manufacturing industry flow back is not
easy to waver in our country as the core influence of the world's processing
manufacturing industry. In the Sino-US trade, the US tariffs on Chinese goods
did not cause much harm to Chinese companies and imports and exports to the US,
and the US sales market continues to increase the "rigid demand" for "made in
China". According to the results published by Moody's, the U.S. credit rating
agency, about 93% of the cost of import duties is "absorbed" by the U.S. itself,
and Chinese exporters are responsible for only 7% of it. In recent years, the
U.S. trade deficit with China has risen rather than fallen.

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