Once you begin your journey via a lane that RS

Once you begin your journey via a lane that OSRS Gold behind Tenzing's residence, there'll not be a bank in the area therefore, be cautious and ensure you have everything before you begin your journey.

After that, when you have put Dad to his knees and the health bar of his is extremely depleted, he'll beg for your assistance. Wow, Maximus of Gladiator would be so proud of you. Simply walk past the north gate of the arena , and are done with his life. However, be wary should you remain within the area of attack, he may try to attack you.

Note: If you dress as Commodus from the famous Ridley Scott film and show the thumb down however, you are still able to go on to the next stage, however the public will not approve of your behaviour and may even attack you!

Level 69 and 71 mountain trolls will assault you after entering the cave in the north inside the arena. After you kill them and proceed further, you will reach Trollheim. Be prepared for the thrower trolls at range level 68 that will attempt to stop you once you walk past northern part of the mountain. If you're smart, you can entirely avoid them by continuing your trek via a shortcut that starts from the eastern region of the mountain. It then ends in the western part. If your agility is low, you might confront serious challenges, considering that many of the shortcuts need 41-47 level Agility. However, there's a different option it is possible to race around the mountain as you're a Forest Gump. Don't forget to enable Protect from Missiles in the northern bend as this will allow you to avoid taking too much injury. Afterwards, you will reach the Western part. To save yourself from harm you should avoid the Northern part.

In order to finally reach the Stronghold you must turn to Buy RS Gold the west of Trollheim before heading north. You will pass by several mountain trolls.

Within the stronghold

The levels 69 and 71 mountain trolls will try to stop as soon as you enter the stronghold. After passing the entrance, proceed towards the south until you find an entrance on the west wall. Past them and directly to the north. Be cautious, as some exceptionally aggressive level 113 troll generals will test your fighting capabilities along the way. They wield massive granite knives that can often slash as high as 38. But, you don't need to beat them all (unless you're looking to improve your skill). Prison keys are dropped by them that you must collect to complete the quest. Therefore, kill at least oneof them, and choose it. Fighting directly isn't necessary as you can easily spot them using Ranged or Magic. The general standing in the northernmost part of the room can be defeated by safe-spotting if you stand on either one side of his desk. They're quite like Dad and it could take some time to end their lives that way, as they have high defence again both of these methods.