Lost Ark Gold has been enjoyed by its fans

Smilegate's MMORPG Lost Ark Gold has been enjoyed by its fans so far, but this does not mean the game is above criticism in terms of mechanics or design. Although the game is now one of the top games available on Steam, some players have noticed issues with balance that may require addressing. For example, one Lost Ark player recently reported having an extremely, hilariously poor luck when trying to fine tune objects.

Like many MMORPG games, Lost Ark features a lot of content that's meant to allow skilled players to challenge their characters to their limits. In order to fully explore Lost Ark's final game content requires players to upgrade their equipment using the in-game Gear Honing system. Honing gear can upgrade equipment and raise an item's item capacity up to 1000.

Unfortunately, the downside of the Gear Honing system is that there's a percentage of success for each upgrade. If the upgrade fails, the materials that were used to boost the item are lost. Additionally, even having a high percent of success does not guarantee that an upgrade will be successful. Redditor Chocolate-Milk shared two grim pictures of unsuccessful Lost Ark gear upgrades that had a shaky performance despite 99 percent chance of success. According to them both Honing attempts took place at the same time making the situation even more difficult.

Based on the photos Chocolate-Milk was able to enhance two of the items in the Epic Seraphic Oath set, the Seraphic Oath Pants and the Seraphic Oath Harp. While they are both items that can be used by any Advanced Class, the Seraphic Oath Pants are an item that could be used by anyone of the Advanced Class, The Seraphic Oath Harp can only be used only by Bard characters. This, in conjunction and the Seraphic Oath Pants taking the form of Sorceress like short pants, suggests the kind of character Chocolate-Milk was playing. Bards are usually thought of to be an elite class when it comes to manipulating the probabilities, but that ability seems to have completely unsuccessfully failed Chocolate-Milk.

The screenshots suggest that failing a Honing attempt can result in a rise in the chance of success for the next one. However, the fact that Chocolate-Milk has failed to win two Honing attempts in succession suggests that the odds can't go beyond 90%. These incredibly high odds to upgrade equipment might explain why many Lost Ark players pay for microtransactions rather than playing for free. Many players replied on the topic by drawing comparisons between the seemingly untrue odds of Cheap Lost Ark Gold success on display to the similar harsh chances in the XCOM franchise famous for its failure rate actions with a 90% of the chance of success.