Do you know the right way to make formula? Are you doing everything right?

Introduction: For many parents,bb奶粉 preparing formula is a crucial step in
feeding their babies, but many new parents make a small mistake when preparing
it. I don't know if your baby's parents have noticed the recent news about a
girl in Suzhou who suffered from intestinal necrosis at the age of half a month
because the usual infusion of milk powder was too concentrated. And this
seemingly normal habit almost harmed the child.

As you can imagine, our daily milk奶粉比較 powder brewing is also a very delicate and
technical job. For new parents, what are the issues and small details that need
to be taken into account when brewing milk powder? Let us introduce them one by

Get the right temperature

When brewing milk powder we need to be 母乳餵哺sure to develop to pay attention to
the problem of water temperature, because the water temperature is too low or
not too high will affect the milk powder clumps, so that students can not be
fully dissolved. Many are parents will worry about too cold milk to the baby to
drink will freeze the baby's stomach, so they will be through the choice of high
temperature as well as some water temperature, but in fact it is so will be easy
to hurt the baby's mouth and gastrointestinal. So, generally speaking, a water
temperature of about 40 degrees is the best choice.

But when we are brewing, how do we control the temperature? Actually, we
don't have to use a thermometer to measure it. According to my experience when
mixing formula, the water temperature is the right temperature to mix with a 1:2
ratio of cold water to hot water in the water. If you are still worried about
the difference in temperature, you can put the bottle on the inside of your arm
and if it is warm, not hot, it is OK.

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