No wonder you step on mines if you don't even know about loans

In daily life, people do not have much contact with loans, if they do not understand the knowledge about loans, it is very easy to step on the mines, next to share some basic loan knowledge for you.

What do you mean by a loan?
Loan is the borrower or enterprise to the capital party to apply for borrowing, where the borrower himself or the borrower's business is the main borrower.

Types of capitalists
1 Bank

The more common capital is the bank, the bank is also 免tu網上貸款過數divided into three categories, are state-owned banks, joint-stock commercial banks and local banks. China, agriculture, industry, construction, postal storage and transportation are state-owned banks are stronger and can accept a lot of business, and the cost of applying for loans in the four major banks is relatively low. Of course, different borrowers have different qualifications and often apply for loans with different interest rates.

Some borrowers will also choose to apply for loans in joint-stock commercial banks, the more common commercial banks are Guangfa Bank, Pudong Development Bank, Minsheng Bank, etc.. These commercial banks are very strong and have bank branches all over the country, however, the interest rates are not fixed and can change frequently.

Some borrowers will choose to apply for loans in local banks, also are local consortiums are the main shareholders of the bank, these banks have local names, mainly for local customers for loan business.

2. Institutional type loan companies

Microfinance companies, consumer finance companies, credit insurance companies, etc., which have been formally approved by the state and have lending qualifications. Microfinance companies are more common companies with lending qualifications, and there are also some national lending companies, such as Ping An, HP, and Credit Suisse. Consumer finance companies are also qualified to lend, among which the more well-known ones are Bank of China Consumer Finance, Jincheng Consumer, etc. In addition, some pawnbrokers in the market are also qualified to lend.

Forms of loans

1. Offline

When applying for a loan, there are some processes that require the borrower to sign a contract offline, and the lender's staff will conduct on-site inspections, etc.

2. Online

Nowadays, loans can also be processed online. Borrowers only need to fill in the loan information on their cell phones and follow the instructions on the page to complete the online loan.

Common types of loans

1. Credit Loan

Borrowers can apply for a pure credit loan with their credit data from the bank, which mainly looks at the borrower's past records, income sources and debts.

2. Mortgage Loan

If the borrower has a collateralizable asset, he can apply for a mortgage loan from the bank and get a certain percentage of the loan amount from the collateral.

Common loan products

1. CPF credit: If the company pays a high amount of CPF for itself and has paid for one year continuously in the local area, you can apply for a CPF loan from the bank when you have a need for money. The interest rate for a CPF loan from a bank is relatively low, about five percent per month. But the CPF credit years are relatively short, first interest after the general one-year period, equal principal repayment is generally 3 years - 5 years!

2. Salary loan: If the borrower has a stable job and has been working in the workplace for six months, normally pays social security, has a company-issued payroll, and the carded salary is more than 5,000 yuan, you can apply to the bank for a salary loan.

3. Mortgage loan: If the borrower has one or more mortgage houses, he can use the monthly mortgage payment to apply for a personal credit loan, without a real estate license can also be processed, as long as the mortgage record on the credit.

4. policy loan: if the borrower has a policy under his name, he can use the policy to apply for a personal credit loan from the bank. The amount of the policy loan product depends on the year the policy is valid and the amount paid each year.

5. Renovation Loan: If a borrower has a home in his or her name, he or she can apply for a renovation loan from a bank. Most banks can provide homeowners with a renovation loan, and the interest rate varies from bank to bank, generally ranging from 0.3% to 0.4% per month.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.

7. Owner's Loan: Borrowers who have a house in their name can apply for an owner's loan from the bank, and they need to provide the bank with proof of the property when applying, but they do not need to mortgage the property. Whether it is a full payment for the purchase of a house or a home, you can apply to the bank for a homeowner's loan product.

8. business loan: individual merchants or small and micro enterprises in encountering financial problems, you can apply to the bank business loan, business loan amount is relatively small, generally within 300,000, business loan requires the borrower to have a certain business flow and business traces, the minimum annual flow of water should be greater than 2 million, the interest rate is greater than 28 yuan, business loan mainly to solve the borrower's short-term business capital needs, but the interest rate of such loan products is higher. The interest rate is higher.

9. social security loan: borrowers pay social security for a long time, when the urgent need for funds, you can apply to the bank social security loan, the interest rate of these loan products are generally higher.

10. Flowing water loan: small and micro enterprises can use the flowing water of the enterprise to apply for loans, generally the applicant is a self-employed person, shareholders of small and micro enterprises or legal persons, etc., the amount of these loan products is relatively low.

11. academic loan: borrowers with education above the bachelor's degree and have graduated for a certain period of time can apply to the bank for academic loans, academic loan products belong to consumer loans, the launch of this type of loan products of the bank is relatively small.

12. Real estate loans: borrowers have residential properties, you can apply for a real estate loan from the bank, the amount can be up to 5%-10% of the value of the property, but the interest rate is higher, mainly to solve the short-term financial needs.

13. car loan: the borrower applies for a car loan when purchasing a car, after the car loan is repaid for a certain period, you can apply for a car loan, the financial institution according to the borrower's monthly car payments issued loans, vehicle monthly loans are generally higher interest rates, the audit is also more stringent.

14. owner's credit loan: mainly for owners of fully paid cars issued credit loans, owner's loan requires the vehicle for the applicant's own vehicle, the vehicle value is greater than 80,000, owner's credit loan is a credit loan, no collateral vehicle, does not affect the use of the vehicle, and not installed GPS.

15. Rental Loan: Borrowers with a stable rental income can apply for a rental loan from the bank.

16. credit card loan: borrowers hold a bank credit card, if the bank credit card used a lot, the use of good records, banks often give credit card cash loan installment credit, this type of loan belongs to the credit card loan, common including the Pudong hair universal gold, Guangfa wealthy gold and so on

17. invoice loan: invoice loan is mainly for the owners or shareholders of the company, according to the invoicing and taxation situation of the enterprise issued to the owners or shareholders of the enterprise loans, belongs to pure credit loans, part of the invoice loan is also issued to individuals, belongs to personal credit loans.

18. Business loan: urban and rural residents who want to use for their own business can apply to the bank for a business loan, the loan product belongs to a small amount of credit loan products.

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