What Credit Score is Needed To Buy a Car?

When applying for new loans, your credit score is very important, but technically, you don't need a certain score to buy a car.A higher score can help you get a loan with better terms (lower rates), but you can still get a car loan even with a score that is lower than the average.

Is there a minimum credit score required to obtain a vehicle loan?

There is no industry standard for a minimum score, but the requirements vary from lender to lender.Financial factors and credit evaluation policies are developed independently by each lender.When considering you for a car loan, they'll look at your income, other debts, and ability to pay back loans on time.They can also use your auto-specific credit score, which typically falls between 250 and 900. A higher score means the lender is less likely to risk lending you money.Therefore, it is always prudent to pay your bills on time.

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