Listed on the official WoW YouTube channel

Rise of Azshara is scheduled to release this summer. For those who like the old-fashioned experience Blizzard also announced World of Warcraft Classic will launch on August 27. and will be a beta launch this week buy WoTLK Gold. Stress tests will be conducted all through the summer. Read our interview with the team leaders on the process of bringing WoW Classic back to life as well as the gorgeous 15th Anniversary Collector's Edition releasing in October.

New WoW: Shadowlands Cinematic Shows Sylvanas Suffering From Split Soul Disorder

The one Of World of Warcraft 's most well-known characters is experiencing an identity crisis, as it was revealed by a new movie in-game that was not listed on the official WoW YouTube channel.

The movie, which came out with the release of a brand new patch 9.2 build on the game's test realm for public use is revealing that Sylvanas, following her defeat by players and the subsequent rejection of the Jailer has gotten her soul back. Perhaps, more precisely, half in her own soul. The good half? It's just a little confusing. The spoilers are below.

Much of the action revolves around Sylvanas the two versions of her, the Banshee Queen variant who has committed numerous war crimes in the last few WoW expansions and the old High Elf Ranger General, fighting with one another in her mind. According to Uther explains, Sylvanas had her soul split all the time in World of Warcraft when she was murdered by Arthas cheap WoW WoTLK Classic Gold. The soul part known as the Ranger General part is trying to understand the actions of her Banshee Queen half has done. With the help of Uther Sylvanas is now ready to acknowledge her actions and be held accountable for her actions. Help the heroes of Azeroth throughout the process, of course.