NBA 2K23 has been recently released for all major platforms

However, while trying to 2k23 mt participate in the sport players have received an error message that reads "You're prohibited from using the communication features. If your parent or guardian decided to restrict this, you may send them an inquiry to allow you to make use of communication features only to play this particular game." So what is that is causing the issue? NBA 2K23 Restricted From Using Communication Features Parental Bug and can there be a way to make it go away? The answer is right here.

This bug is occurring even for gamers who don't have parental restrictions installed by their PlayStation devices. Many of these players are no longer underaged, so encountering this message was a confusing experience for a lot of NBA 2K23 fans. But what is going on in the first place? The reason is very simple - this happens since the PlayStation Network is undergoing maintenance. Since PSN has gone down it creates issues for many titles, NBA 2K23 being one of them.

To fix this Parental Problem with NBA 2K23, the only thing you can do from your side is to wait and keep waiting until PSN is restored and operating as intended. Currently, there is no public information from PlayStation on the reasons why this is occurring and when PSN is expected to become operational again. Here's Buy Nba 2k23 mt the best way to determine PSN status.