VIN decoder and search

What is a VIN number?

To decipher the VIN for free, you need - The Vehicle Identification Number or Vin Number (VIN) is a 17-digit unique identifier provided by the manufacturer to a vehicle. Unlike license plates, which may change over time, the VIN remains unchanged. Therefore, deciphering the VIN number and getting the complete data about the vehicle is one of the best ways. A vehicle's VIN number contains important information about the vehicle's main features, such as year of manufacture, make, model and interior trim level. VIN Decoder can also reveal additional information about the car's history, auto kit by vin code for free, damage reports, service records and other information.

What is a VIN number?

Unlike license plates that may change over time, the VIN remains unchanged. That's why VIN lookup and complete vehicle data is one of the best ways to find out important information about a vehicle's major features, such as year of manufacture, make, and interior trim level. The VIN decoder also provides additional information about the vehicle's history, vin-code car kits, damage reports, service records, and other information.

Where can I find a vehicle's VIN number?

Since 1968, the government has required that the VIN number be visible on the outside of the vehicle, embossed on a plaque on the driver's side dashboard, near where it touches the windshield. This is useful for car dealers, buyers and law enforcement. Since 1969, cars must have a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards certification sticker that also shows the VIN. VINs on older model cars can be harder to find, since the number is engraved either on the car frame or even on the engine.

The VIN for cars manufactured in 1981 or later has a 17-digit format. Older cars have a VIN number, but it can have one of many formats. The 17 digits can be divided into three parts. When deciphering a VIN number online, it's worth knowing that the first three digits are the world manufacturer's identifier, indicating where the car was built and what type it belongs to. The next five digits are the vehicle descriptor, which indicates the vehicle make, displacement and engine type. The last nine digits are the vehicle ID section.

Deciphering the Vin Code
First comes the security code, which confirms that the VIN number is valid. Then the year of manufacture of the model is indicated: the format starts with B for 1981, C for 1982 and so on. In 2001, car manufacturers switched to numbers where 1 means 2001, 2 means 2002 and so on until 2009. In 2010, the format switched back to letters: A for 2010, B for 2011, and so on. This will continue until 2030. The letters I, O, Q, U and Z are not used in Vin. The next symbol, when the Vin code is deciphered for free, indicates the factory code of the vehicle, which is determined by each manufacturer. The last six are the serial number of the vehicle and are unique for each manufacturer, but usually indicate the order in which the vehicle came off the assembly line. For example, the 200th car to come off the assembly line is likely to have the number 200 in the VIN.