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That was back when dev traits influenced XP gains rather than reducing upgrade expenditures, and physical ratings were more difficult to Mut 21 coins upgrade over time than intellectual ratings.Player progression and development will never feel right till there's a"possible" rating. Look at the way in real life you frequently see players who are great as rookies but do not appear to get far better, or gamers who start off slow, but become HOF guys after year 3 or 4. That kind of thing just doesn't really happen quite right from the game right now.Every other sports game worth playing with this.

Even Retro bowl, a free mobile game, has a far better possibility system than madden.Madden couldn't guess rookies' abilities right and it had been embarrassingly dumb.Literally every other sports game has it though. Same could be said for any of those other ratings too, folks argue for hours as soon as they come out every year. How would arguing about possible be any different?This is actually a mod on computer. It seems so much more organic than the present system and it really raises the value of later round draft picks.Yes which is what I meant. You don't usually see that kind of item in Madden.One thing I wish would be implemented is that if a dev trait happens they get +3 upgrade points instead of 10,000 xp. Some gamers especially qb who win awards which get a dev feature bulge get 25% percent of 1 ability point.

It would also create more late bloomer situations. Or you can find situations where a participant gets bumped to superstar but they do not meet the brink of receiving an ability. Obtaining +3 points would help that.I miss when we spent xp for upgrades. Also if they maintained this system they need to include focus points for offseason upgrades like how Aaron Rodgers focused on deep cries last offseason and that he seems much better in buy Madden 21 coins that region up to now this year.

Just like a focus on speed or route running or catching would be fine.I love making this kind of content so if there is something franchise associated that you want to see covered, let me know and I'll do my best to create it!Anyone know how I can create a player and then play him as I'm a proprietor in franchise mode? Or do I need to make a player first then enter franchise mode?I have been saying this for some little while now.