Opinions and he does appear to OSRS gold

I read a few more of OPs opinions and he does appear to OSRS gold suggest that you need to, for the good of the game, nevertheless not leave a negative review. I disagree with this opinion but still think that we ought to avoid flood the testimonials unless you've played have a legit grievance.

Idk me was a couple of levels off of maximum on the market, or well at least was until archaeology, did quite a bit of PvM, and tried producing an alt on there recently. . That was a dreadful experience (the early game is truly does look like it would be even more dreadful to somebody who's never played since it's not very helpful) I played that game long enough to leave a bad review. I'm not saying that is what you are saying by how just saying it to say why.

The other chunk with EOC.

NGL I have been having a bit of fun playing rs3 for the past couple of months on an ironman. Yeah it has problems and I'm definitely happy about the direction of this game in certain aspects, but it's refreshing. I was not really that smart / aware /"great" of a player back when I played rs2 / rs3 so that it's interesting to see how things are from a brand new account's view. 20 years of QOL updates definitely has its perks too.

I have played since classic and I have played more RS3 than osrs although now I'm playing osrs longer (uim btw)I'd really like to visit RS3 blossom and grow out of this. I play with the Ironman simply due to the MTX. The only part of rs3 I hate is that the MTX. It is really a great game apart from that.This post isn't about RS3, this is about Jagex. Those poor blokes invest every single day living in their own lives attached to RuneScape. We will need to encourage Runescape, and thus Jagex, so those folks will continue up-keeping our match for our entirety.what will occur I envision so far as steam is worried is it will do exactly what Ubisoft does and essentially force you to launch the RS3 Vanilla client (by default at least)Your account is fine, its not like its platform shift or anything. Its just another storefront opening up for a version of runescape thats got a couple of toes in the grave.

Which the entire move strikes me as strange. Why don't you save all of the hens and await the inevitable port into RS4?Yeh nothing is happening it's just an attempt to Buy Runescape gold discover new players. Rs3 is struggling and this is an attempt to increase the player base exactly the exact same will occur to OSRS. SWTOR had the same problem on steam release it sky rocketed in players also has slowly gone down but has more then before now.