And that is buy Mut 21 coins what makes

I play 2020 all the Madden 21 coins time. It is not unplayable, it is just how in bad they keep dropping the ball, figuratively. I barely noticed I was playing another game once I attempted the trial. Damn every mode is trash besides mut? I dont play mut much tbh. Just normal franchise and play.

I play franchise almost daily. I play Offense Only. It's definitely garbage glitch wise all around with things which don't really make sense. But I am a soccer match junkie, so I'd still rather play Madden Franchise over another match.

Does this bother anyone else how weirdly hunched over the kickers seem all the time in this game? Better than the glitch where the onside ball begins in the receiving teams hands I only hope by year 2100 we will have sports video games which have GAMEPLAY, not only endless animations that require casual button presses to perform plays.

Literally needed a dude claim that I had been"sweating the CPU" since I said the game was broken??

Yesterday I began a franchise. Produced a HB. Went into the Seahawks. Played the bengals. We are up 5 with 40 seconds left. They use their last time out. They get the ball at their 20. . That the 72 overall bengals proceed to drive down and score in 40 minutes without the timeouts.

The matches just scripted. And that is buy Mut 21 coins what makes me so mad. If I actually got overcome by the cpu I would not be upset. But you get beat by scripts and pre determined plays I can not tell you how many times I've had similar happen. I used to play with more legit HB where I wasn't the complete time starter and I would have it where your down 2 or 3 and you would literally lead a push down field and get into the red zone with ample time plus two or three timeouts and it takes you out the match and your team runs out the clock without even attempting a field target costing you a winnable game.