Stadia in a large disadvantage for nba 2k21 mt coins

Random thought... cross-play and each platform has a Neighborhood from the City? You can play against individuals on the stage or move in the City and cross-play. It would place PC/Switch/Stadia in a large disadvantage for nba 2k21 mt coins any rivals, so maybe group these three into one Neighborhood?

I trust we do not have to purchase NBA 2K21 twice. We ought to be able to carry over everything in the current gen version to another. I keep repeating myself in the hopes making it true, but other major publishers are doing it 2K almost needs to, they will look bad and greedy if they do not.

I believe one year is fair and 2K kinda has to follow suit as they are going to be provided a backlash should they move egotistical path. I also see a whole lot of people on Twitter believing that Smart shipping (you purchase game once and it works on both new and last gen) works for every game. Smart delivery is only guaranteed for 1st party Microsoft names, and others will need to provide MS consent to enable it (AC Valhalla and Cyberpunk agreed to become a part of Smart delivery such as ).

Backwards compatible =/] Smart Delivery and that's something Microsoft has not done a good job of clearing up for lovers. You might have two distinct games (2K21 and 2K21 Next Level or something) which are equally playable on XBX/PS5 because of buy mt nba 2k21 backward compatibility.