Rabid fanbase that Madden 21 coins

Certain companies such as Nintendo have a rabid fanbase that Madden 21 coins accept and cheer consumer-unfriendly clinics while criticizing EA and other companies.

Same applies with Sony and Xbox fanboys. It's not only Nintendo it's every big publisher out there with a sizable community I mean you criticise them for that but you can't criticise them for taking away features and game modes then placing back and promising their new features developing a pay to win match style where odds of becoming players is absurd and showing no care to beloved game modes such as career mode and expert clubs in FIFA creating a gameplay that is not enjoyable and gets worse each year.

So while sega are awful for doing so ea do much more shitty things people hate and as a few say that they also have exclusively deals that can kill competition I've been saying for decades that if they fleshed out franchise styles in their matches I'd begin buying them again. Add advanced scouting, create-a-team features, in depth practice odes/drills, an interactive format which keeps track of your league, and ofc the ability to do all this online with friends. If those things were inserted to buy Mut 21 coins madden or even nhl such as it would be a"take my money" scenario

Idk about fifa, however madden you was able to do things like Adjust the expense of tickets to go into the stadium, adjust food expenses, the challenges and training camp felt more entertaining and comprehensive than they do now. They took out all the comprehensive content in franchise mode and made it bleh.