Truly would like to wow classic gold

I mean, I see no reason why TBC Classic would have more rigorous requirements than that which we have today.In the event that you truly would like to wow classic gold benchmark your PC using WoW, try downloading retail (if you have the disc space for this ). It is possible to level to 50 without buying Shadowlands.

Dude, I am running classic at 60 fps minute settings on an i3 6100 iGPU, yours is much more than powerfull enough to run a 13 year old game.A true waste of resources.

PS: Classic still runs just like dog shit in Orgrimmar due to being restricted to a single center despite being based upon the Legion client because picking the patch prior to multi threading has been the simplest way to decrease costs.

You just need to automate tagging dinosaurs from bots and then we could solve the botting problem.I believe they should get rid of the option to enable click to buy gold wow classic us move. I know there's at least s couple robots that need it to work. I cant believe there's many who would overlook that option.

Maybe that's your gain from it. But the post seems to be about having somebody else's leveling bot to gain YOU xp. To not waste your own time

That is subjective. Wasting your time to grief bots will not help you in any manner. Again though this article is about gaining xp from griefing bots so it's a win / win win for all.