The subreddit and Cheap Runescape gold

Pretty much, it's a great deal easier and faster to find flaws than to mend them, but they've been making a real effort. Like making a C++ customer for OSRS gold steam is a pretty big deal for how small the neighborhood seems to have reacted. It is not an immediate resolution like suddenly having runelite as the official client on all platforms, but it is a step towards a great deal of things we've been requesting for many years.

OSRS has gotten a lot more devs and servers during 2020, so yeah, it looks like at least a piece of the increase in revenue/profit has been reinvested.

I worry that osrs getting the principal cash cow incentivises jagex to drive more cash grabbing practices in the game.

I'm hoping it reveals Jagex that you don't need intrusive MTX to create something that's very rewarding in this day and age.Likely unlikely to receive eliminated entirely.

At least from what I have seen about the subreddit and Cheap Runescape gold these, many RS3 players are not a lover of MTX but many would be a lot happier with it's they toned down or eliminated the P2W components (e.g. purchasing exp) and pushed less MTX advertising (or had more real upgrades per week after week of MTX promos and little else).