In the next Rocket League replace launching March 10

In the next Rocket League replace, launching March 10, we’ll in the end get to exchange in the ones near-worthless blueprints for Rocket League Item Prices better-first-class ones. The function comes after the original blueprint update became heavily criticized over its outrageous prices, which became then directly forgiven by way of many lovers after Psyonix predictably decreased the charges a week later. Now it seems like the primary characteristic of change-ins, which probable must’ve been an choice from the begin, is likewise making its debut.

The blueprint trade-in machine will work just because the vintage change-in system did, wherein 5 items of the same quality will result in one object of a higher first-rate — or in this example, a blueprint of higher great.

Five of these again will bring about a higher-tier blueprint again, and so on. It’s a beneficial function to clean out your inventory of vain trash that you’ll never use, and it’ll provide you with a hazard of a better item. Whether that’s nonetheless really worth something that’ll occasionally cost more than Rocket League itself is arguable, but at least the selection is there.