Mysterious feathers, as well as the strange objects

And no, I do NOT believe the pursuit will be similar to OSRS GP this, I know Jagex has already begun it. Prerequisites: all of the quests involving the mahjarrat, such as Legacy of Seergaze, Defender of Varrock, and Desert Treasure, also as one successful looting of the Barrows; you need Eagle's Peak, and you have to have been inside the God Wars Dungeon.

Items: the conventional items for dangerous quests, rope, climbing boots, mithril grapple and crossbow, some thing of Armadyl, 10 planks of any sort, 60 nails, hammer, saw, wax (like from troll romance), either luciens pendant OR 5 papyrus and a charcoal, runes for a bind spell, ghostly robes, Ivandis flail, antidragon shield, stuff for a pyre boat, water filled vial, soul weed, snape grass, runes for crumble undead spell.

Recommended Stuff: axe, tinderbox, lockpick, silk, thread, needle (the last 3 utilized for making Armadyl gloves), teleports, food, armor, guthix balance potions. Start by speaking to the guy you stored during Eagles Peak, and he will say he discovered some fresh feathers while hunting rabbits. He'll also mention that he discovered some odd objects near the rabbit holes. He'll then give you 20

Mysterious feathers, as well as the strange objects, which you conclude to be rune darts. There are 11 of them, you may keep them or discard them, it doesn't matter. Nickolaus will mention they had been sticking out of buy RuneScape gold the ground at an odd angle, as if they had been thrown from above. Also, the blood stains demonstrate that the hunter, that must have been very far away, hit his target. Head back in the mountain with all the eagles inside.