Cenforce 100 is a brand-new erectile dysfunction medication that has recently hit the market. Cenforce works by increasing blood flow and relaxing the arteries in the penile region. Cenforce 100 mg will assist you in achieving a stronger erection. medslike has developed a solution that allows you and your spouse to enjoy the delights of sex together!

Sildenafil citrate, often known as Cenforce, is the generic name for the 100 mg tablet strength. When a man cannot achieve a satisfying erection in the penis after sexual activity, he takes the medication. The penis hardens and the erection lasts longer when sildenafil is taken. Every platform has Cenforce 100 mg available. Any medical supply store or internet pharmacy sells it. It is accessible everywhere in the world.

The action of a medication

The medication works by preventing the phosphodiesterase enzyme 5, a protein that breaks down camp in the bloodstream. Blood flow to some bodily organs is increased by camp. Sildenafil improves blood flow by increasing the accumulation of cGMP in the penis. The penis will be erect as a result of this.

This medication should be taken 30 minutes prior to having intercourse. It should be swallowed with plenty of water either on an empty stomach or ideally two hours after the delivery of food.
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